Energico services: making your life even easier

To encourage you to get the best out of our software, and to make your life even easier, we surrounded our family of products with an equally nice range of services.


The energy landscape is constantly changing. Technical innovation moves at lightning speed, while new laws and regulations have to be taken into account from a compliance point of view.

Our consulting services contribute to innovative solutions that make your business scalable and future proof in every sense. We look at all the required technical, legal and organizational aspects.

Energico offers extensive and profound technical expertise in all aspects of sustainable energy production, storage and distribution. At the same time, we are working on renewable energy business models on a daily basis, and we also closely follow all developments in the field of legislation and regulation. During our projects, we are happy to share all of this knowledge and experience with our customers.


As user experience (UX) is difficult to capture in specifications, it is often overlooked. In the meantime, UX does determine the value of a system. Software is only successful if users actually use it, right?

Before programming even a single line of code, we make designs using wireframes, taking all types of users into account; both in terms of knowledge level and personality type.

With intuitive screens for operators and clear reports and real-time insight for management, we ensure usability in all respects. In this way, our software contributes to better cooperation between departments and employees, error reduction and faster training of new employees.


The on-site testing of substation protection and automations systems is a very complex matter, for which not only the right tooling and test equipment, but also a high level of expertise is required.

Our team has both the experienced manpower and the specialized test equipment.

Overcurrent protection testing, distance protection testing, busbar protection testing, CT testing, gateway testing, SCADA testing… Our testing services cover the entire range of substation acceptance testing and substation maintenance testing.


Through our Energico Academy, we offer both remote training programs and hands-on courses in our Eindhoven test facility, where we have an operational system with practical testing set-ups at our disposal.

Our training offer covers a wide range of topics, such as IEC 61850, cybersecurity, IEC 62443, top down engineering, virtualization, network set-up, network equipment, and testing. We offer operator level, system administrator level, engineering and design level, and management level training.

What can we do to make your life easier?

Are you active in the energy sector, and curious about our products and services? Let’s talk about how we can make your life easier – and your work more fun!

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