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SAM: substation monitoring software for the energy sector

How much electricity are your energy sources currently generating? How do you efficiently monitor multiple – onshore and offshore – substations? How do you make all of the information from different systems (energy management, protection, burglar alarms, fire detection et cetera) easily accessible for people without requiring training?

Sustainable electricity generation presents energy companies with new opportunities, but also with new types of challenges. Our Substation Automation Manager (SAM) provides you with real-time monitoring and control of your energy generation processes, which allows for remote and device independent site management and problem solving.

All of your sites’ sources, electricity flows and switches are visualized in a clear way, which gives you a full and easy overview of the situation on different sites. Information from different systems from different vendors are visualized in a uniform and intuitive way, allowing remote analyses and error-free system operation. This helps quicken response times and requires less skilled operators. SAM can be installed locally, centrally or fully virtual, with all software in the cloud, which enables you to easily “plug in” new locations.

“From an engineering perspective, a system only has to function, but we also wanted an intuitive interface. SAM provides an excellent User Experience.”

- Jacob Moeller, Vattenfall


  • Early problem identification and remote issue solving
  • Easy operation; less training or knowledge required
  • Reduction of operation and maintenance costs


  • Single system (and single login) for multiple sites
  • User-friendly interface and rights management structure
  • Device independent site management and problem solving

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