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Helinks: IEC 61850 system engineering tool for the energy sector

Modern substations are equipped with a multitude of intelligent electronic devices from different manufacturers. To enable smooth communication and interoperation between these systems, we work according to the international IEC 61850 standard. And when it comes to IEC 61850 system engineering, Helinks is always willing to lend us a hand.

Helinks STS is a powerful IEC 61850 system engineering tool, which supports both top down and bottom up engineering. He is not a full-fledged family member, but a much appreciated friend of the Energico family. As an early stage adopter, we helped further develop the software with our feedback, and we are now an official reseller.

For the connoisseur: Helinks STS provides system specification according to IEC 61850 (SSD File) and system configuration according to IEC 61850 (SCD File). It imports and creates any SCL file in order to provide for flexible engineering processes, while signal engineering with Helinks bridges the gap between IEC 61850 and conventional signal handling. For the non-connoisseur: Helinks speeds up engineering. Big time.

“By using a top down engineering approach, we managed to turn all the gray areas in our plans into black and white.”

- Bas Mulder, TenneT


  • Multi-vendor, IED independent engineering
  • Getting more work done with less (scarce) engineers and developers
  • A boost to engineering efficiency and harmonization


  • Standardized solutions based on libraries
  • Performing complex engineering tasks with a single click
  • Supports top down engineering

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