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EVA: automated testing tool for the energy sector

In the energy industry, careful and accurate application and protection testing is of the utmost importance. Not only because of the need for flawlessly functioning systems, but also from a system availability, safety and cyber security point of view.

Our Electronic Validation Assistant (EVA) enables you to create an entirely automated and continuous test environment; with reusable scripts, also making it the ideal tool for multi-site software deployment. EVA saves you time and costs, and at the same time increases accuracy and reliability. And the system can be also deployed as a compact test unit for on-site testing.

Testing typical (IEC 61850) electric power systems? Check! Testing both happy and unhappy paths? Check! Testing for projects as well as centralized test applications? Check! Oh, and did we mention that, in daily testing practice, EVA has proven to be 70% faster than manual testing?

“It significantly reduces project delivery times and costs.”

- Jacob Moeller, Vattenfall


  • Improved testing accuracy and reliability
  • 70% faster than manual testing
  • Do projects with less key technical resources


  • Elimination of the most boring parts of testing activities
  • Wide coverage of application features
  • Test results in a database over the life cycle of a site

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