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EMMA: grid management software for the energy sector

Are you planning a local smart grid for a district, business park or campus – or for a smart building? Would you like to combine energy from different sources? Or manage innovative technology such as hydrogen stations, water electrolyzers and sea salt batteries?

Smart power grids come with new challenges, such as high-voltage grid constraints and constantly finding the balance between energy generation and consumption. That is where our Energy Monitoring & Management Assistant (EMMA) comes in. A smart grid management system, that enables you to optimally allocate locally generated energy between usage, storage, grid delivery, trading and curtailing.

EMMA connects and controls all assets and aspects involved in energy generation, distribution and consumption, such as PV installations, storage batteries, and – for example – EV charging stations. Clear dashboards and automatically generated reports present you with relevant data and insights. And with the help of algorithms we can tailor the system perfectly to your specific local power grid.

“We are in the middle of the energy transition, with more sustainable energy generation and more electrification of energy demand. That makes it increasingly important to properly coordinate supply and demand.”

- Daphne Geelen, Enexis


  • Realization of energy neutral (or even energy-positive) buildings or areas
  • Creation of new revenue models
  • Flexibility in dealing with power congestion


  • High degree of process automation
  • Great data visualization
  • Possibility of tweaking parameters to further optimize the system

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