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ADAM: design and prototyping tool for the energy sector

Constant changes in the energy industry create a need for flexible IT solutions and short development times. Wouldn’t it be great if, while facilitating those flexible solutions and short development times, you could also make the jobs of engineers and developers more fun?

Our Advanced Design and Automation Manager (ADAM) enables you to simplify – and thus speed up – automation design and configuration, while indeed making engineers’ work more fun. Because we don’t know about you, but we ourselves don’t know that many engineers who get excited at the thought of working their way through Excel sheets with a thousand rows of data.

ADAM automatically goes through all that data for you, recognizing patterns, grouping information and coming back with suggestions and a proposal for a logical architecture. A smart inventory tool for design and configuration management, developed from our own rapid prototyping experience.

“We are now configuring substations rather than engineering them, which allows me to do the repeating tasks faster and focus on solving real problems.”

- Maurits van Tol, Engineer PAC, TenneT


  • Faster IT design and rapid prototyping
  • Getting more work done with less (scarce) engineers and developers
  • Flexible response to new market developments


  • Automates the routine, uninspiring parts of the design process
  • Maintains the design’s logic, resources and parameters (and their history)
  • User-friendly version management

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