Market segments: we are here for all key players in the energy transition

We are active in all key segments of the energy sector. From sustainable energy generation and distribution to energy trade and system integration. We also work closely with other parties involved in the energy transition, such as system integrators, OEMs, project and area developers, and local governments.

Transmission system operators

Managing the increasing share of renewable energy sources presents major challenges to Transmission System Operators worldwide.

We help TSOs accelerate the introduction of new technology, to secure technology once implemented, and to promote its adoption.

We do that with tailor-made automation solutions, user friendly UX design, and above all: by making work more fun for system designers, developers and operators.

Distribution system operators

Regional Distribution System Operators face challenges similar to TSOs, with the additional task of managing energy supply from local electricity generation. 

So it goes without saying that DSOs can too count on our expert knowledge and full support during project implementation.

From finding the optimal use of assets and grid capacity to proactive and condition based maintenance.

System integrators

Having a system integrator background ourselves, we understand perfectly why and how innovation and process automation can help organizations reach business targets and achieve sustainability goals.

As an integrated part of your team, we help you to introduce user-friendly technology to your customers, to create new business models, to realize cost savings and to optimize asset management and maintenance.

Project and area developers

Smart Local Energy Grids and Smart Buildings are a promising source of new market opportunities for project and area developers.

At the same time, they present a complex playing field, full of technological challenges and questions about compliance and revenue models.

We are happy to help you identify opportunities and to turn technology into business cases.

Energy traders

The energy transition confronts energy traders with growing operational complexity on the one hand and new possible revenue models on the other.

We help them to face these challenges and take advantage of such opportunities by what we do best: turning complexity into simplicity.

We enable energy traders to optimize their asset use, improve maintenance efficiency and comply with sustainability standards.

Equipment manufacturers

As a knowledge and project partner, we can help sustainable asset OEMs, such as PV system developers, battery producers or parts manufacturers, to improve their assets’ performance and find new markets and applications for their products.

Original Equipment Manufacturers benefit from our system integration knowledge and our knowledge in reducing the risk of cyber security threats.


The energy transition is not only taking place at a global level, but also locally. For example in the form of smart grids in city districts or business parks. Municipalities are increasingly the driving force behind such grids.

We have developed a quick scan, with which we can quickly identify what energy opportunities an area contains, how this potential can be utilized and which timeframe and steps are required to do so.

What can we do to make your life easier?

Are you active in the energy sector, and curious about our products and services? Let’s talk about how we can make your life easier – and your work more fun!

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