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The Energico team consists of professionals from all over the world. From Poland to South Africa. From India to Belgium. And even your occasional Dutchie. Women and men from completely different backgrounds and cultures, with a common drive: to make this world a more sustainable place. One line of code at a time. One project implementation at a time.

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Bringing our start-up vibe to the corporate world

Energico started as a so-called Tiger Team within the Technical Automation and Information department of Croonwolter&dros, a large Dutch system integrator. In management literature, Tiger Teams are described as teams of “undomesticated and uninhibited technical specialists, selected for their experience, energy and imagination”, and that is exactly how we like to think of ourselves.

Since 2021, we operate as a fully independent company within the Croonwolter&dros organization, still bringing that start-up vibe to the corporate world of energy.

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