Energico - Energy management solutions for smart power grids

The world is in the midst of an energy transition and we are excited to be a part of it. We are Energico. We develop, supply and implement energy management solutions for smart power grids. 

Making your life easier – and your work more fun!

At Energico, we love complex technology. And you know what we love even better? Turning complexity into simplicity. That’s why we have developed our Energico Family of Products: smart grid solutions and engineering tools that make life easier (and work more fun!) for engineers, developers and operators in the energy sector.

Meet the Energico Family

of Smart Grid Products and Engineering Tools

Smart grid products


Substation monitoring software

Energico’s Substation Automation Manager (SAM) provides you with real-time monitoring and control of energy generation sites.

This allows for remote site management and problem solving.



Grid management

Smart local power grids come with new challenges, such as congestion management and finding the optimal balance between generation, storage and consumption of energy.

That is where our Energy Monitoring & Management Assistant (EMMA) comes in!


Asset management software

Our Smart Asset & Resource Assistant (SARA) enables you to easily manage all of your assets, giving insight in asset health and regulatory compliance.

From big assets such as batteries and turbines to small controllers and switches, as well as digital assets such as licenses and encryption keys.

Engineering tools


System engineering tool

Helinks STS is a powerful IEC 61850 system engineering tool, which supports both top down and bottom up engineering.

It makes your IEC 61850 engineering easy and vendor independent.




Design and prototyping tool

Constant changes in the energy industry create a need for flexible IT solutions and short development times.

Our Advanced Design and Automation Manager (ADAM) enables you to simplify – and thus speed up – automation design and configuration, making tedious engineering tasks fast and fun.


Automated testing tool

Save time and costs, while increasing accuracy by automating your testing processes with our Electronic Validation Assistant (EVA).

In daily testing practice, EVA has proven to be 70% faster than manual testing. You’ll test with less resources and less trained resources.


The Energico Academy

Would you like to learn more about subjects such as IEC 61850, substation engineering and cybersecurity? Our specialists love turning complexity into simplicity. And they are equally passionate about sharing their knowledge. Through our Energico Academy, we offer various training courses for professionals in the energy industry.

“We are now configuring substations rather than engineering them, which allows me to do the repeating tasks faster and focus on solving real problems.”

- Maurits van Tol, Engineer PAC, TenneT

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